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Who is UNDO?

UNDO. is an Australian company founded in Melbourne who are focused on preserving the planet through saying NO to plastic and YES to re-useable forms of plastic. We believe everyone should take responsibility for their plastic consumption and make a positive impact on the environment by joining the movement to ban plastic coffee cups. 

Our approach is simple; reduce and reuse plastic to contribute to a prosperous future and environment. We believe generations now should be accountable for their plastic consumption so future generations don't have to pay the price. A positive shift in our culture is what we require to tackle this global issue. 

Take a simple act and purchase a cup today to help UNDO the damage of single use plastic.

So nice to use a platform where I am able to easily compare all the major brands of reusable and sustainable cups. Love the idea!

Jessica, VIC

It is now crucial we as consumers do everything we can to reduce waste. Love what UNDO. stand for and their mission to protect the environment!

Tilly, QLD